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My name is

Mikhail Tsoy.

I'm UX designer.




Creative UX/UI designer with 2+ years of experience in design. Skilled in essential methods and techniques of nowadays UX process.

Has advanced knowledge of Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Also has good communication skills and innovative creative ideas to handle any kind of design challenges and tasks.

Passionate about working in complex areas and solving problems.

Currently I'm not looking for job.


2013 — 2017

Bachelor Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications Digital television and radio translation

2017 — 2019

Master Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications Media technologies


EPAM UX Fundamentals


Sobaka Pavlovoi Design handbook “Use Cases” and “Information Expectations Model”


Jan, 2018 — Jan, 2020

Experience designer, EPAM Systems

Feb, 2020 — May, 2020

UX/UI designer, GeoScan group

May, 2020 — Dec, 2020

UX/UI designer, Center of Reactive Programming

Key Skills

Visual design

Illustration, print design, graphic design.

UX design

Research, usability testing, competitors review, IA, UX design.

Web design

Experienced with HTML, CSS. Novice in js. Enough to build own portfolio.






Creating digital assets exchange platform.
Liquifi main
Liquifi is a project in the field of DeFi- decentralized financial institutions. The main goal was to create an ethereum token exchanger as early as possible. As a team, we acted under uncertainty and in startup mode.
The big goal of the DeFi projects is to change the current state of finance through cryptocurrencies. The current problem with financial institutions is that they are very centralized. Financial institutions request a lot of documents, the processes becomes very time-consuming. Banks charge a high percentage of fees for the transactions performed etc.
My Role
I was on the project as an analyst/designer. I learned the requirements from the business and proposed design concepts. Conducted research on competitors, heuristic analysis.
Add Tokens
Scope & Constraints
The problem was a lot of uncertainty about what we were doing and what it should look like. A lot of technical limitations from the ethereum platform, which greatly affected the user experience. Tight timeline for the project, in two months we had to understand what possibilities the level of infrastructure gives us, what trends there are among competitors and what we should do in general.
I got into the project from the very beginning. I started with the discovery phase, I dived into the specific topic of blockchain and DeFi. Then I conducted an audit of existing products. Did a heuristic analysis of competitors. Then I figured out the business requirements and started designing the interface.
Outcomes and Lessons Learned
Now the service is working fine. The team managed to launch the product on time, tokens can be exchanged at any time. I have gained interesting experience working in startup. I learned how to work in an area of great uncertainty.

Agisoft Cloud

Creating user-friendly interface for complex application.
Agisoft Cloud
Agisoft Cloud is the cloud-based part of the 3D model creation and processing application. The service assembles a map of the area in 3D from approximately 1000 photos from different angles.
The goal of the project was to make cloud-based part more user-friendly. The cloud application I was working on was paired with a desktop application. Which uses a lot of hardware resources, processing takes a long time, a large threshold to enter the interface.
Agisoft Cloud
My Role
I was on the project as an interface designer. I proposed design solutions and collected requirements for the interface.
Scope & Constraints
The problem was a large degree of integration with the desktop application. There were no design resources, no library of components or styles. Because of this there was an increase in development and design.
I was involved in different tasks. I was reviewing the existing system, suggesting interface improvements, building a stable ui kit with styles and typography, taking on tasks for new functionality, and conducting corridor .
3d model
Outcomes and Lessons Learned
Learned to dive into a complex subject area in a short period of time. Learned to work with legacy in the design area, learned how to work with e-commerce tasks. As a result, I managed to put together a ui kit, which the team is still using today. I was able to show the team the value of the ui kit and how it would help the business.

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